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Fire Dance Show
Fire Dance Show

Healthy Rites of Passages for the Modern Man 

Welcome to an empowering self-directed program called "Healthy Rites of Passages for the Modern Man", where you can reclaim your Masculine Birthright and embark on the journey of becoming the Healthy Man you've always aspired to be. With this course, you have the incredible opportunity to experience the transformative power of men's work from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, and have Nick's 1-1 guidance to support you along the way!

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Module 01

What is Healthy Masculinity?

  • Lesson 1: Understanding the Duality of Masculine/Feminine Energy & the Law of Manifestation 

  • Lesson 2: Masculine Breathwork Transmission

  • Lesson 3: Strengthening your Masculine Depth & Finding Purpose 

  • Lesson 4: The Eastern Origins of Masculine & Feminine 

  • Lesson 5: Priming Breathwork Daily Practice

Module 02

Healing Relationships & Honoring your Inner Child 

  • Lesson 1- How you treat your partner is a reflection of your mother & father relationship

  • Lesson 2- Why am I not in the most loving & passionate relationship possible?

  • Lesson 3- The Most Common Relationship Stressors and Why you are missing Deep Intimacy

  • Lesson 4- How to identify unhealthy patterns in relationships

  • Lesson 5- Stop being the Nice Guy

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Module 03

Sacred Sexuality & Conscious Dating/Relationships

  • Lesson 1- How To De Armor & De Structure to Fully Develop 

  • Lesson 2- Self Sabotage & Shadow Work

  • Lesson 3- Sexual Kung Fu: How Men Become Multi-Orgasmic

  • Lesson 4- What is the Microcosmic Orbit of Energy?

  • Lesson 5-Sacred Sexuality: The Science of Male Orgasm & Healthy Self Pleasuring Habits 

Module 04

In Depth Masculine Paradigm Shift

  • Lesson 1-Healthy Masculine Archetypes

  • Lesson 2 How to Channel your Inner Warrior & Understand Shadow Side of Warrior

  • Lesson 3- How to Channel your Lover Archetype & Understand Shadow Side of Lover

  • Lesson 4- How to Embody your Alchemist & Understand Shadow Side of Alchemist

  • Lesson 5- How to Embody your King & Understand Shadow Side of King

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 "Nick's expert guidance has unearthed an extraordinary wellspring of inner strength, serenity, and an elevated connection with myself and others.With the unwavering support of Nick, my esteemed wellness guide, my journey of men's work has transcended all expectations, truly reshaping my life."

Jason -33 yr old- Licensed Therapist  

This Program is for the MAN


Men are often told to MAN UP. This program is the Opposite. It will teach you the proper tools to MAN IN! This program is essential for the man who wants to learn embodiment work with Yoga, Breathwork, Qi Gong, & Meditation. For the man who is ready to prioritize his personal growth & improve his relationships. 



You are READY for the WORK! 

You have made EXCUSES for too long, so NOW is the TIME to GROW!

If you are COMMITTED to your GROWTH and interested to learn more about MENS WORK with a program you can do AT-HOME, on YOUR OWN TIME, then this program is FOR YOU!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program be right for me?

This program is the culmination of my life's work, reflecting my energy, and offering personal guidance for those who resonate with my message. Chances are if you're reading this, then YES I know this program is for YOU.

I've signed up for other programs and I didn't receive what I was looking for...What if that happens again? Is there a guarantee? 

I understand that you may have had previous experiences of investing in programs without seeing lasting changes in your life. It's a common occurrence.

Here's my promise to you regarding this program: If you sign up but don't put in the effort, you won't witness any transformation. So, if you're not committed to doing the work, it's best not to join. If you're up for the challenge, start by committing to completing the course. Set a dedicated time on your calendar, hold yourself accountable, and progress through the lessons at your own. Engage in the exercises, without feeling rushed. Your responsibility lies in finishing the course strongly. Once you've completed the lessons, showed up to all your sessions, and you still feel like this was not valuable...Let's talk about it and I can refund your money if this is the case. 

I'm under the impression that mens work is supposed to be in person... Can I still get the benefit of doing this work online? 

In Person can be powerful, that's why I host mens groups, private clients and in person retreats. BUT they do have some disadvantages...1. Depending on where you live, you have to find a group that meets locally & one that resonates with who you are (Very Rare to Find) 

2. You have to show up every week! So if you have a busy schedule, its best to do a program at your own pace. 

3. There's no structure. So you won't really have a solid introduction to the work.

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