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Are you Ready to Elevate your Mind, Body, & Spirit?

Be Nick's Next Success Story

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"I just turned 63 and have been training privately with Nick, twice a week for a year now, and I've never felt stronger, more flexible, and energized after our sessions together. His expertise has helped me develop a specific injury rehabilitation program, enhanced my awareness into my physical practice, and taught me helpful exercises that I continue to practice on my own. My job requires me to sit at a desk all day and Nick's guidance during our sessions helps me relieve my physical tension and mental stress after a long day at work. He's very knowledgeable, punctual, and motivational.  Also, his hands on adjustments provide an excellent opportunity for my body to go even deeper into all yoga poses. I'm so grateful to work with Nick and I am very pleased with the results I'm seeing physically, mentally, and spiritually. "

Jordan B. 

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I am a investor/real estate consultant as well as a loving father, and loyal husband.  When I first met Nick, I was beginning my healing journey to improve my overall health and find more peace of mind. At the time, it was easy for me to feel overwhelmed, tense and burned out with the daily stress of my work life balance. 


After going thru Nick’s private online coaching program, I can confidently say my vitality for life has increased.  I have a deeper understanding about my chakras and developed a heightened awareness with my breath connecting to my mind and body. He helped me learned ancient yogic practices like Sexual Kung Fu to boost my energy levels which helped me increase my intimacy with my wife and gave me peace of mind navigating through my busy work schedule.  


If you’re thinking about working with Nick, I hope this message gives you the inspiration to make the decision to transform your mind and body with him today.  


Nick is a knowledgable, talented, and amazing human being who has helped hold me accountable along my healing journey.  What a blessing it was for his dedication to be of service to me. I am eternally grateful for his work. Thank you. "  

Henry V. 

Portugal Mens Trip.jpg
Portugal Mens Trip.jpg

IAfter meeting Nick at an Equinox yoga class, I knew I really enjoyed his teaching style.  He mentioned something about his private program so I decided to go up and talk to him about it. At the time, I was single and after going through the program I recently met the love of my life and will be proposing to her this year.  


Im so glad for Nick’s expertise helping me understand my needs and values in relationships.   Nick is also very insightful when it comes to understanding my past injuries and how to modify any yoga postures accordingly.    


In addition, I had always heard about men doing sexual kung fu work and after working with Nick’s techniques, I had the confidence to increase intimacy in the bedroom. 
Now I can last as long as I want and my sex life is incredible.  


If you’re reading this thinking about working with Nick, you have my recommendation. Take action and just do it.   Thank you for all your support and guidance Nick. Looking forward to your next wellness retreat.  


Umair K.  

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Blessed Brotherhood_edited.jpg

I suffered from low back pain and after learning about yoga it really helped me out. I figured out it was just because I have really tight hamstrings and glutes. So taking yoga classes with Nick really helped me alleviate any of the low back tension I was experiencing.  


Also, as a Father, Nick held me accountable to being the best father for my daughter. When you have kids, they easily trigger you and after practicing so much breath work I was able to better manage my emotions.


 When it comes to my relationship, it was complicated. Having Nick as a strong male influence in my life really helped me understand maintaining sexual polarity to keep our attraction high and increase my ability to last longer.  


It was great learning about the masculine and feminine dynamics in relationships so I can better understand my role as a Father and Lover.   Thank you for all your help and I look forward to continuing the work together.  


-Alex Y.

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